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Family-run Farming

Yael Bernier

Yael Bernier moved to Sonoma County in the 60’s, bought a goat, and started farming. At that time, her Italian Swiss neighbor, Mrs. Lucchini, gave Yael some Northern Italian Red garlic seed. After more than 35 years of garlic farming, Yael now grows 14 different varieties of garlic.

Paul Bernier

Paul Bernier was raised in the suburbs south of San Francisco and came to Dry Creek Valley in the early 70’s to work as a farm hand in a prune orchard. He worked during the transition from tree crops to grapes in the Dry Creek Valley.  In 1976, he started farming on his own by sharecropping small pieces of land.

Paul’s mechanical talent allows the farm to do very well with old equipment that he adapts or refurbishes. His most interesting and innovative creation is the compost turner he built for their composting operation that supplies the needs of their land.

Click here to watch a video of Paul operating his compost turner.

Zureal Bernier

Zureal Bernier was born and raised on the home ranch and grew up dividing his time between surfing, skateboarding, school, and working in the fields. He went on to earn a degree in agriculture from Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo. After college, Zureal worked in fruit crops on a Cal Poly farm and later in row crops for a Sonoma County organic vegetable grower.  Later, he worked for a couple of years farming on his own before joining the family farm. Zureal and his wife, Anna, now live with their two children on the home in Geyserville.


The Crew


Austin Clark

Austin Clark was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. He found a passion for agriculture at UC Santa Cruz in 2008, and began farming immediately after graduating in 2011. He has farmed across Sunnyvale, Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Albuquerque, and is now entering his eighth season farming in Sonoma County. 

Austin has forsaken his past as a city slicker, to embrace a rural lifestyle, country living, and farmsteading. He is the new site manager for Bernier Farms Alexander Valley farm at the Warren Ranch. With seasoned expertise in the field, a keen eye for exceptional quality, and a robust background in multiple facets of organic farming, he is looking forward to the seasons to come. You can catch him in rotation with Zureal at the Santa Rosa Farmers market at the Luther Burbank Center on Saturdays. 

Lindsey Joy Taylor

Lindsey Joy Taylor is a Bay Area native, hailing from the San Jose area. She immersed herself in organic agriculture at the University of California Santa Cruz in 2008, studying social justice & global food systems. She has farmed for seven seasons across multiple regions of California and the southwest.

Organic is much more than just a word, printed label, or government regulation to Lindsey. She firmly believes in a holistic understanding of organic, originating from the founding principles of the People's Park in Berkeley. She is an advocate for worker's rights, social justice in the workplace and beyond, as well as a sustainable relationship with our ever changing environment.  

Miguel Campos Madrigal

Miguel Campos Madrigal is our longest standing employee; he's been with us for for twelve years. Miguel mostly spends his days in the vineyards that we farm. He knows all our practices like the back of his hand and has a natural ability in all things agricultural. He also is our connection to a great crew of men who get us through grape harvest every year.

Steve Sheline

Highly valued member of our team, Steve Sheline, covering up French breakfast radish beds after harvest. Steve got his chops at SRJC Shone Farm and now keeps the beat with us full time. With crew members like this we go into the 2019 season with excitement.